Express klein
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Only one passenger survived the trip. Where did the crew and all the other passengers disappear? Help to solve the mystery of the Ancient Express.

Unlock Carriage Key
Entry fee 36  Energy
Duration Event related
Search fee max. 55  Energy

Items to GetEdit

Ghost Banishers  Ghosttrap  Phialofdarkness  Oldamphora
Energy Sources  Soda  Energyjam  Etherealcatalyst  Biomodule
Gadgets  Bell  Phasewatch  Solarlamp  Magnifyer  Hammerofthor
Helpers Dragonegg Freshdew Silicon Brightbutton Thorium Goldmask  Geniesdwelling  Paranormaltrap
Maya Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Kit for Beginners
Beast Rune Chests Small, Medium and Large Hunter Kit
Dragon Food Lunarnectar Honeydrink Sweetroots Sugarcane Azuregrapes
Trophy Temporal Paradox (Part of the reward chest)


Carriage InteriorEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Prosper, what a sight for sore eyes. They knew how to create such wonderful interiors. I do not really like the minimalism popular nowadays.

  • Explore the Ancient train in Shadows mode
  • Chase away any phenomena from the Ancient Train

Prosper Bull: But everything is in a mess here either because of the travel through the time or it is the work of phenomena. It's a pity we do not have Martha with us. Her experience could be used here.

Individual TicketEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Splendor in the Carriage Pink Lampshade -- --
Oriental Express Mosaic Panel Night --
Solidity of Vases Crystal Vase -- --
Odontoglossum Odontoglossum Puzzle --
Fighting the Ghosts Velvet Curtain -- any

Prosper Bull: We need to get into the train our helper - the mysterious passenger, who always forgets to tell us his name. And we need to find his individual ticket. What a quest! We have to light the candles to be able to read anything.

Prosper Bull: I could find only one ticket, but the writing is not clear. I can only make out "George Fon...". All the rest is indecipherable. I think it is the ticket of our mysterious passenger. I wish him to return to the carriage as soon as possible.

Search for Time ControlEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Now we are ready to proceed to the most complicated part - managing time. Remember, professor always had a time control when he set the exact date and place of the travel.

  • Chase away any phenomena from the Ancient Train

Prosper Bull: Look, Andrew, some fare-dodgers came along with the mysterious passenger - genies and ghosts. We'll have to catch them ourselves as there are no controllers.

Magic Remote ControlEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Date from the Past Arabic Abacus -- --
Broken Arithmometer Numbers Generator Jumbled --
Shift in Memory Phase Shift -- --
Professor's Device Optical Nanometer Reverse --
Map of Time Punched Card of the Time -- --

Astronomer Andrew: I see. The activation of the magic remote control of the time requires special numeral charges which are energy vibrations represented as a set of numbers. Professor named them Code of Lucifer and the Ternbull's Spell.

Astronomer Andrew: He have given them sich names because the magic remote control can work due to the energy contained in these set of numbers, so we can set any day to travel through the time portal.

Express DisappearanceEdit

Quest Item Mode Ghost
Setting Time Clear Alarm Clock Night --
Reversed Timer Reversed Timer -- --
Stop-Watch Secret Stop-Watch Jumbled --
Gravity Corrections Diamond Tourbion -- --
Thickening of Time -- -- any
Activation of Time Charger of Time Shadows --

Astronomer Andrew: I can see the time loop but we need to intensify it with the help of quantums and waves of time or there would not be enough power to transfer such a bulk to the past. Prosper, leave the carriage immediately. 

Astronomer Andrew: The charger is on. The power is maximum. Activating the loop of time. Prosper, move away from the train. Further. Careful... Wow... It's awesome! One moment the huge express was here and the other is disappeared! We managed to send it to the past!

Get the reward!Edit

Open the event icon in RoM and click on "Reward" at the bottom of the page. You can collect the reward as long as the event is running. So be sure to be in time! You can keep the reward in your backpack as long as you like. Before you open it, be sure that you check your  Energy and  Xp status. If you're short before levelling up and still have  Energy, make sure to use your energy up before opening the chest.

Search ThingiesEdit

Loco - Aries
Loco - Binoculars
Black Hat / Top Hat / Hat
Loco - Black Hat
Loco - Bowler
Loco - Box
Loco - Broom
Cake Tongs
Loco - Cake Tongs
Loco - Clock
Female Hat
Loco - Female Hat
Loco - Flowers
Glass With a Drink
Loco - Glass With a Drink
Loco - Grapefruit
Hot Air Balloon
Loco - Hot Air Balloon
Locomotive Kiwi
Locomotive Orchid
Locomotive Rose
Loco - Sledgehammer
Locomotive Shovel
Locomotive Smoke
String Ball
Locomotive String Ball
Locomotive Tartlet
Locomotive Teapot
Train Ticket
Locomotive Train Ticket
Traveling Bag
Locomotive Travelling Bag
Locomotive Umbrella
Wicker Basket
Locomotive Wicker Basket
Wooden Chair
Locomotive Wooden Chair