Main article: QuestsTo build up the portals to the other maps of RoM, you have to complete the quests marked with "Major". The Artifacts are sorted in the sequence of their assembly quests. Quests for items of several Artifacts can be mixed up, so you're not getting all 5 quests for one Artifact in a row.

From Bellows Manor To ParisEdit

Family TreasureEdit

Butler Alfred: Let me introduce myself once again. I am Alfred. Last time I saw Professor Bellows he was standing near the fountain. I heard a loud pop, there was a flash, and the next thing I know all that is left of the Professor are his clothes on the ground. I do however distinctly remember a faint smell of French perfume in the air.

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Disappearance Family Photo Album Library -- --
Irish Roots Photo of the Countess Library -- --
A Look through Monacle Antique Monacle Library -- --
Stolen Time Grandfather's Watch Library -- --
Gene Energy Portrait of Count Bellows Library --- ---

Melissa: In order to create the Artifact you will need to look through the Manor for items that are charges with paranormal energy. In this case we are looking for a small bag of Magic Dust. These objects are somewhere out here in the Manor. Let's hurry up and find them.

Melissa: You can now use the paranormally charged Malachite Jewelry Box Artifact. It will help you understand the power of the Portal.


Melissa: As, I am sure, you already understood to unlock the Portal you need to be in possession of a Reloc. A Relic is composed of Artifacts and can be used as a key to unlock the Portal. Try doing it now.

  • Use the created Artifact to upgrade the Portal

Melissa: The Portal can work in both directions, but to get it working that way you need a Relic. When the Professor was still around and the Portal was working in this mode a lot of ghosts were coming through it. Assemble the Relic to decrease their numbers.

Gentleman's SecretEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Gentlemen's Notes Laser Pen Study -- --
Fortuneteller's Cuff Links Alabaster Cufflinks Study -- --
Energy of the Diamond Diamond Glass Study -- --
-- Ivory Cup Study -- --
-- Leather Cover Diary Study -- --

Melissa: The opened Portal has triggered a few very interesting changes in the Manor. I have been keeping an eye on your activity and can see that you have already gotten quite far. According to my information you are already halfway done assembling Professor's second Artifact.

Melissa: I believe that the Professor used the Portal to travel through space and time. He used it to access the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations. Take a look! The Portal is opening up. It is alive. It lures you in.

Second Level PortalEdit

Melissa: The Portal posesses a mysterious energy. Artifacts are pieces of a larger key that the Professor called Relic. I would say that all of the most amazing events that have occurred in the Manor were one way or another tired in to the Portal.

  • Use the created Artifact to upgrade the Portal to level two

Melissa: I hope that your progress in our search for the Professor will not increase the amount of Ghosts. In any case, as long as we know how to handle all the different types of ghosts, we should be ok.

Nectar for the Portal Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
A Crop from 1861 Azure Grapes Cellar -- --
Sweet Syrup Ceramic Bottle Cellar -- --
A Glass of Nectar Glass of Nectar Cellar -- --
Books and Recipes Old Recipe Book Cellar -- --
Imprint of a Stamp Official Seal Cellar -- --

Melissa: Exerpt from the Diary: "When a drop of sweet syrup made from Azure Grapes, harvested in 1861 using the tools that can be found in my Cellar, is added to the water from our fountain, it turns into something akin to a volcano."

Melissa: Look at this! This is amazing. the energy of the Portal is limitless. There is, however, a problem. As far as I understand, at the moment the Portal can only work in one direction: towards the Manor. I wonder what time and place it is connected to at the moment?

Level ThreeEdit

Melissa: The Portal in our Manor is a tear in the time space continuum. I do not know whether it was created artificially, or whether it ir a naturally occurring phenomenon. Anyway, the Portal allows instantaneous travel between two points. For now only ghosts come through this tear. But we are getting closer to our goal.

  • Use the Artifact to upgrade the Portal to level three

Melissa: The energy of the Portal has created a large number of ghosts. We still, however, have to find two more Artifacts in order to be able to follow the Professor's trail.

Endless Energy Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Gallium Light Gallium Lamp Dungeon -- --
A Candle Without a Flame Ignition Plug Dungeon -- --
Plasma Plasma Insert Dungeon Night --
Cables and Coils Micro-Relay Dungeon -- --
Lightning Silk Thread Dungeon -- --

Martha the Maid: I have another message from Melissa for you. She said that now that you know how to create Artifacts, you should try making the Perpetuum Mobile. She is also afraid of lightning. So you will have to work on this task by yourself.

Martha the Maid. What have you done! Take a look at the courtyard! What have you done to the fountain where Andrew and I spent so much time together? Now it is at the heart of a hurricane. There is thunder, lightning and wind all at the same time. I am already scared. I think I will stay in the library for now.

Level FourEdit

Melissa: If you take a closer look at the Portal you will see the image of what looks to be a city somewhere in Europe. I believe the Portal is now transmitting the last event. Perhaps that's where we will find the Professor.

  • Use the Artifact to upgrade the Portal to level four

Melissa: We have one more hurdle to overcome before we can attempt traveling to the location to which the portal is connected. In order to create a Relic we need to obtain the last Artifact.

On the Professor's Trail Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
The Secret of the Guardian Porcelain Candle Holder Laboratory -- --
Professor's Bracelet Amethyst Bracelet Laboratory -- --
Time of Dragons Dragon Tooth Amulet Laboratory Shadows --
Power of Water Oceanic Sea Shell Laboratory -- --
Full Cup Cup of Life Laboratory Jumbled ---

Martha the Maid: The last Artifact you need to create is the Philosopher's Stone.

Martha the Maid: Exerpt from the Diary: "If someone manages to get the Portal working in both directions, there will be no turning back. This person will become the keeper of the Portal, embarking on unthinkable adventures unattainable to others. He will possess the lost knowledge of humanity."

Level FiveEdit

Melissa: You now have all five Artifacts. The energy of the Portal is rotating. You can see something like a black hole forming where the fountain used to be. Use the fith Artifact to loop the energy in on itself connecting the Portal and the cosmos.

  • Use the Artifact to upgrade the Portal to level five

Melissa: We need the Relic to be able to control the Portal. You can use the five Artifacts to create it. The Relic will help you to become the keeper of the Portal, since only the person in possession of this treasure can control the Portal.


Melissa: The last Artifact, the Philosopher's Stone, will allow us to create the Core of the Portal. We will, however, need to use the energy of the Professor's items to do that. We will need to find them in the Manor and then we will be able to go after the Professor.

Melissa: A Relicc is a unique key that allows the owner to control the Portal. The Portal can be used to travel through space and time. The knowledge that you have been able to access will allow you to use it.


Melissa: Now the Portal can work in both directions. Before you go, I would like to give you my last suggestion. Stay away from Doctor Turnbull. He has seven faces. Doctor Turnbull visited the Professor just before he disappeared.

  • Use the Power of Water to the Portal and following Professor Bellow's trail, transport yourself to France.

Melissa: The Professor hoped that the Portal would help him continue his exploration. The Portal gave the Professor new knowledge. However, the Portal also caused many troubles. The Professor had to fight Ghosts and Demons who came out of the Portal.

From Paris to Times of KnightsEdit

Professor's Hotel RoomEdit

Prosper Bull: My name is Prosper Bull. I own real estate and transport businesses in this city. Are you looking for Professor Bellows? He stayed in my hotel several years ago. I have rented his room out ever since.

  • Following the Professor, click on the Portal and use the map to transport yourself to France.
  • Explore the Hotel Room until you find discover the Aristocratic Ring (see Icy Glimmer below)

Prosper Bull: After Professor Bellows had checked out, I tried to rent that room to other hotel visitors, but they would leave it right after checking in. They said that it was full of paranormal activity. I incur losses because of these ghosts.

Professor's ArtifactsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Astronomer's Love Telescope Lenses Observatory -- --
Solar Time Sun-Dial Observatory -- --
Letter from a Stranger -- Observatory -- --
Moon Rock Moon Rock Observatory Night --
Wonderful Dust Star Dust Observatory -- --
Hat Astronom Observatory -- --

Martha the Maid: I don't really know what you and Melissa are doing with your Artifacts, but she asked me to remind you that they need to be charged. I have heard that you are following the Professor's trail. Please, be careful! I have become so attached to you!

Martha the Maid: If you see Andrew somewhere, please give him a kiss for me and tell him that I miss him terribly.

First Level TowerEdit

Melissa: From the Diary: "The Star Map is a key part, which can be used to unlock the Portal. The Portal is located in the center of the capital. It can connect to other portals in the universe."

  • Use the Star Map to unlock the Portal on the Tower to Level One

Melissa: "Paranormal phenomena follows me very closely. Sometimes they even move several steps ahead of me. It is very hard for me to find the ways to slow them down or to make them disappear. I constantly fight them."


Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Professor's Hotel Room Aristocratic Ring Hotel Room -- --
Mysterious Companion Phianite Umbrella Hotel Room -- --
Eleanor Diamond Glove Hotel Room Shadows --
Capital Foundation Golden Album Hotel Room -- --
Celtic Powers Elastic Shoes Hotel Room -- --

Butler Alfred: From the Diary: "I have a manuscript which was supposed to be destroyed after its previous owner had died. However, it was not destroyed and came into my possession. This manuscript describes how ro control portals and store activated Relics."

Butler Alfred: "It is more difficult to control the Tower than to control the fountain in the Manor. If the Portal works in both directions, it may cause many outbreaks across the city. According to the law of the gatekeepers, whoever unlocks the Portal is responsible for any paranormal activity."

Second Level TowerEdit

Butler Alfred: The Professor used to tell me about the Tower. He said that the connection with the Portal can be interrupted if the metal on the Tower expands because of the Sun heat, and the Tower top tilts because of strong wind. You have to be very careful when unlocking the Tower with an Artifact.

  • Use the Artifact to unlock the Portal on the Tower to the second level

Butler Alfred: Also, the Professor told me that Dr. Turnbull had almost signed the contract to sell the Tower off as scrap metal. The Professor had to work really hard to preserve the existing Portal in the city center and to take responsibility for all the risks arising from it.

Metal PortalEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Mysterious Boat Crystal Brooch Boat -- --
Mysterious Guest Emerald Dragonfly Boat -- --
Places of Interest Gaudy Pendent Boat -- --
Tower Mechanism Turquoise Hairpin Boat Night --
Alchemy Emerald Butterfly Boat -- --

Melissa: You have already collected many Professor's Artifacts. You have also learned about the Portals in the Manor and in France. However, are you sure that you are not afraid of the changes that are happening to you while you are following the Professor's trail?

Melissa: Now you have the third Artifact of the Portal which is located in France. Don't you think that the Professor used this Artifact to head off to a new place for his exploration?

Third Level TowerEdit

Melissa: Now you have three Artifacts of the second Relic. The Tower is becoming a center of the strongest hurricane that has ever happened there. Use the third Artifact and hurry to collect the second Relic while a tsunami isn't here yet.

  • Use the Artifact to unlock the Portal on the Tower to level 3

Melissa: The weather is improving while the Portal is starting to transmit an image from another continent. Do you see the outline of an old city and a castle? Apparently, the Professor headed there across time.

Time ParadoxesEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
French Café Celestial Umbrella Café -- --
Café Meeting Reflecting Fog Café -- --
Cosy Café Shiny Garnet Café -- --
Martha's Dream Hazy Dissolt Café Reverse --
Back to the Past Brilliant Light Café -- --

Melissa: If you manage to use the Portal to travel through space, please don't forget about temporary paradoxes which can occur as a result of your activities.

Melissa: The Professor always said the following: "No matter how well we know the original data, we cannot clearly predict the evolution of space and time."

Fourth Level TowerEdit

Martha the Maid: The Professor's sweetheart was called Eleanor. She often visited us in the Manor. I saw this couple. They were mesmerized by each other. Oddly enough, when Eleanor was in the Manor we did not have a single Ghost around.

  • Use the Artifact to unlock the Portal on the Tower to level 4

Martha the Maid: Last time when she left, the Professor received a threatening letter. This is when he sped up his preparations for the trip. Back then I couldn't really tell where he was going. Only later I understood that he had to activate the Portal and enter it.

Time MysteriesEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Perfume Smell Cork Figure Museum of Perfumes -- --
Scent of Nature Spectral Ribbon Museum of Perfumes -- --
Museum Smell Biosensor Glimmer Museum of Perfumes Jumbled --
Ideal Scent Clinking Pebbles Museum of Perfumes -- --
Parallel Search Broken Echo Museum of Perfumes -- --

Melissa: According to scientists, it is impossible to change the course of history. However, the Professor always said it is quite simple to free the humanity from troubles. Let's try to use the Artifacts on the Portal located on the Tower. If we do it we'll find out everything ourselves. I think the Professor did the same.

Melissa: It's now time to travel not only in space but also in time. There are only few things left to do to test the Portal on the Tower. Please speed up collecting Artifacts and move on to charge the second Relic. New adventures await us!

Fifth Level TowerEdit

Melissa: From the Diary: "When I first began my explorations many people started to envy me. Dr. Turnbull is not the one who he says he is. He wants to possess my knowledge and to become the only owner of human feelings."

  • Use the Artifact to unlock the Portal on the Tower to level 5

Melissa: I have seen Dr. Turnbull only twice. Both times our meetings ended with scandals and threats towards the Professor. After these meetings the Professor would walk around the Manor deep in thought and then he would start new experiments with the Portal.

New Relic Edit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Sixth Element Silver Harp Fashion Boutique -- --
Hidden Ghosts Medusa Shield Fashion Boutique Night --
Letter from the Past Wheel Lock Fashion Boutique -- --
Knights Tournament Glasses Lens Fashion Boutique Jumbled --
Dr. Turnbull Gentle Irony Fashion Boutique Shadows --

Eleanor: You have found five Artifacts which I was unable to find because of my unique nature. I think that together we'll be able to sort things out in Paris. This city was disturbed by the Portal. We'll be able to calm the energy of the Portal down and defeat these dreadful Ghosts.

Eleanor: No matter what we do, we still need the Professor. He is the only person who is more knowledgeable than we are. Where is he? Where in time in space has he been? Is he alright? We need to find him! We won't be able to cope with Dr. Turnbull without the Professor's help.

Guardian of the UniverseEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Eleanor's Secret Voice of Hope Boulangerie -- --
Bellow's Goals Heavenly Nebula Boulangerie -- --
Terran Relics Icy Substance Boulangerie Night --
Worlds and Gates Magnetic Spin Top Boulangerie -- --
Indelicate Question Bright Zigzag Boulangerie Puzzle --

Eleanor: Do you realize what's going on? Yes I an the sisth element which can connect the powers of the sun with the powers of water, fire, earth and air. Ancient people and the Professor were familiar with this secret physics. Now it's your turn to become a keeper of a little piece of the universe.

Eleanor: The Artifacts, which you'll create after you get to know me, will let us make a dome over the portals and we'll finally close the gates to the parallel worlds. The Earth will be set free from ghosts and the humanity - from evil.

Tower Relic Edit

Melissa: Now we have everything. We have all Artifacts to create a Relic which will help you to control the Portal on the Tower. This Relic will let you use the power of the Portal to follow the Professor's trail. Let's find all the necessary items to create it.

Melissa: You now possess the power over the Portal located on the Tower. The only thing you have to do now is use the Relic on the Portal. Now you are the only person who can control the Tower Portal. Follow the Professor! I think he awaits you in another corner of the universe.

The New AdventuresEdit

Melissa: I don't know where the Portal will now lead you. Whatever happens, I would like you to know that we are always with you and that we will always support you, just like we always supportes the Professor. Please beware of Dr. Turnbull! He is a wolf in sheep's skin.

  • Apply the Power of Fire on the Portal which is located on the Tower.

Melissa: Apparently the Portal is going to transport you to a totally different and distant place now. Perhaps you will find yourself in a different era too. You know that ir's your destiny. The number of portals which you control is increasing! Now you are the new keeper of two Portals on the Earth. Continue your explorations and unravel the secrets of the universe!

From Times of Knights to Venice CanalsEdit

Artifact from the CastleEdit

Ulrich Achenbach: At last! I have been waiting for you forever! My name is Ulrich Achenbach. I am the head of this large family and the owner of this fantasy castle. Welcome to my home! I would like you to help me sort things out here. Let's start our work!

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Fantasy Castle Celtic Book Throne Hall -- --
Time Traveler Celtic Pattern Throne Hall -- --
King's Astronomer Small Bag of Lime Throne Hall Night --
Guests of the Tournament Biatec Coin Throne Hall -- --
Ghosts in the Castle Dried Pumpkin Throne Hall Reverse --

Ulrich Achenbach: It's too late to go back! I am thankful to the Professor for his arrival to the Castle. He has improved our life in some ways. My daughter will get married sooner or later. So please, finish your work and let's go to watch the tournament. I wonder who is going to be my future son-in-law.

Ulrich Achenbach: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Believe me, your Artifacts will do you good. The Professor says that energy is something that can be restored. Frankly speaking, I don't really know what he is talking about.

First Waterfall LevelEdit

Ulrich Achenbach: Have you already seen the black hole which appeared at the foot of the Castle when the Professor came here? I often went down to this hollow to enjoy the view of the waterfall and to stay face to face with nature. Now this hollow is nothing but a huge and dangerous whirl!

  • Use the Artifact on the Portal near the Waterfall.

Ulrich Achenbach: Oh, no! Have you decided to create a whirlpool which will suck our Castle in? I will not let you do it! You have very little time left to lock this Portal and activate the Professor's mechanism. Hurry up or you'll be in big trouble!

Halfway to SuccessEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Astronomer and Alchimist Gas Lamp Treasury -- --
Alchimist's Dreams Top Hat with Mechanisms Treasury Puzzle --
Medieval Entertainments Mechanical Watch Treasury -- --
Ghost-killer Mechanical Bracelet Treasury Jumbled --
Underground Passage Mechanical Amulet Treasury -- --

Astronomer Andrew: What a great Castle! It has both modern and medieval spirits. Have you already explored some of the Castle premises? Please, don't forget that we still have to solve several important issues. Hurry up to assemble the Artifact!

Astronomer Andrew: Before following the Professor's trail, we need to fix the time paradox which has emerged because of my mistake. To solve the issue, we have to participate in the tournament, meet Doctor Turnbull, and fix Ulrich's mechanism.

Second Level WaterfallEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Have you already seen a black hole near the waterfall? This hole is the Portal which we'll have to activate in both directions. Only this way we'll be able to follow the Professor. Our adventures will be full of troubles. Ulrich has already sent security guards to protect the Portal.

  • Apply the Artifact on the Portal near the Waterfall.

Astronomer Andrew: We'll have to create a very large storm here. Naturally, the community and the Castle owner will try to put obstacles in our way. The storm will grow stronger and stronger. Yet, we have no other way out. We need an active Portal.

Chaos near the WaterfallEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Wedding Preparations Little Pickaxe Princess's Boudoir -- --
Legacy Red Cap Princess's Boudoir Reverse --
Reckoning upon the Son Belt Princess's Boudoir -- --
Last Hope Round Eyeglasses Princess's Boudoir Night --
In Friend's Leading Strings Gemstones Princess's Boudoir -- --

Ulrich Achenbach: I see that while we've been chatting you have found the items that Professor Bellows was looking for in the Castle. Now I know what is going to happen next. There will be a real chaos at the foot of the Castle. You have very little time left to finish the experiments with the Portal.

Ulrich Achenbach: I will not let another frenzy happen. I am not going to let the black hole suck in my Castle. That is why you should finish your explorations for now, and we'll go to watch the knights tournament. I don't have any other options anyway.

Third Level WaterfallEdit

Ulrich Achenbach: The funnel at the bottom of the Castle keeps growing. Have you done anything to make this funnel grow? Soon horrible monsters will start creeping out of this hole. So, the knights who have gathered for the tournament will have to demonstrate their strengths by fighting monster, not each other. Do you want to rescue Andrew by letting these creatures out? Are you taking him along to have another adventure?

  • Apply the Artifact on the Portal near the Waterfall.

Ulrich Achenbach: Of course, this is your right. If you take ghosts with you, I'll greatly appreciate it. Yet, right now I am not sure that it is going to happen. At the moment we have to go to watch the tournament.

Whirlpools near WaterfallEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
The Tournament is going Silver Fibula Tilt Yard Shadow --
The Tournament Code Embroidered Shawl Tilt Yard Puzzle --
Uneven Battle Knight Helmet Tilt Yard Night --
Dreams and Hopes Knight Spear Tilt Yard Day --
Dummy with Coat of Arms Knight Flag Tilt Yard Night --

Ulrich Achenbach: Oh, do you want to turn the rock and the waterfall into desolate places where no one will ever go to? Well, it's your right! You'll be surprised, but I won't interfere with your plans. After all, we need to do something with this whirl. Last time when it was active, Professor Bellows disappeared.

Ulrich Achenbach: I am going to meet Dr. Turnbull. He is a noble knight. Perhaps, he will help me put things in order in the Castle. I believe that he is a worthy candidate for my daughter. Let's hope that I'm not mistaken.

Invincible OpponentEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Apply the new Artifact on the Portal as soon as possible! We have very little time left. Perhaps, we'll have to leave this place quite urgently. Dr. Turnbull is a powerful opponent. Neither my knowledge, not the magical items of the Princess help me conquer him.

  • Apply the Artifact on the Portal near the Waterfall and upgrade the portal to Level 4.

Astronomer Andrew: It seems to me that ghosts serve Dr. Turnbull. I've seen how they helped him during the battle with one knight. That knight didn't even have time to do anything to protect himself. He just fell off his horse right away, while Dr. Turnbull received all the scores for his victory.

Hasty Travelling ArrangementsEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Intruder Old Globe Alchimist's Tower Shadow --
Fights and Battles Crystal Star Alchimist's Tower Shadow --
Treasury Secret Wooden Divider Alchimist's Tower Reverse --
Gunpowder and Dynamite Astronomer's Poster Alchimist's Tower Night --
Routs of Escape Sextant Alchimist's Tower Puzzle --

Astronomer Andrew: We have almost finished activating the Portal. All five Artifacts are in our hands. They will help us get the Waterfall Portal working in both directions, and we'll be able to escape from this Medieval world. I am wishing you best of luck! Let's unlock the Portal!

Astronomer Andrew: Do you remember how to apply the Artifacts to the Portal? I am going to pack my things which I keep in the Tower. Then I will try to distract Ulrich. We must run away now. When we return here a bit later, Dr. Turnbull will fight the Professor, and we will win.

Tournament in JeopardyEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Ulrich gave me a very strange look from behind his vizor. His eyes were shining as if they were saying: "Go ahead and fight, but I don't need you. I need Professor Bellows." Hurry up and unlock the Portal before Ulrich realizes that we are disrupting the Tournament, which he has been organizing for so long.

  • Apply the Astronomer's Telescope on the Portal near the Waterfall and upgrade the portal to Level 5.

Astronomer Andrew: Wow, there is very strong turbulence at the Portal! I suppose that we are going to have a large water storm which will attack Ulrich's Castle soon. We must hurry up and assemble the Relic.

Gates to the world of ElvesEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Elven Stallion Horse Figure Celestial Stables Shadow --
Magic Armour Dressy Harness Celestial Stables Night --
Black Magic Leather Saddle Celestial Stables Reverse --
Vulnerable Creature Golden Horse Shoe Celestial Stables Night --
King of Ghosts Forged Stirrups Celestial Stables Jumbled --

Lairiel: Ulrich's Castle is so beautiful! It literally flies in the air. I have never seen a building of such unique architectural design even in our country. Speaking of Andrew, I haven't found him, as if he has gone down the drain. What is going to happen to Ulrich's daughter now? I worry for her so much!

Lairiel: Ok, it's time for me to go. I've tried to help you with everything I could. My daily routines are waiting for me at home. Hopefully, we'll see each other again some day- Ot would be great if you could visit me sometime. I wouöd wine and dine you. Do you know how to get to my world?

New AdventuresEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Have you found the underground tunnel yet? I'm sure that it is somewhere in the Treasury. Let's finish working with the Portal for now. Later Professor Bellows will point out our mistakes. There is no doubt that we will come here again.

Astronomer Andrew: Does it feel as if you've been here before? Yes, different places in the time-space continuum are my home now. I never know where I will end up tomorrow. Deja vu sensations haunt me every day.

Contest DecisionEdit

Astronomer Andrew: I am out of breath! Ghosts and Genies are following us. Dr. Turnbull sends them to interfere with outr plans. He doesn't want us to leave this place and this time. Fortunately, it seems that we have managed to escape. Please, hurry up and apply the Relic on the Waterfall Portal.

  • Apply the Powers of Wind on the Portal near the Waterfall.

Astronomer Andrew: I think I have forgotten about something important. Anyway, did you see Ulrich's face expression? All his people are looking for you and me. I've been escaping them because I have no desire to fight Dr. Turnbull. You can stay here longer if you have something important business to finish. However, keep your eyes open and, please, don't give me in.

From Venice Canals to Japanese MysteriesEdit


Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Italian Holidays Copper Horseshoe Gondolier's House -- --
Gondolier's House Sunset Reflection Gondolier's House Jumbled --
Incognito Girl Stained Oak Gondolier's House Shadows --
Follow the Incognito Girl Amber Anchor Gondolier's House -- --
Out of the stateroom Compass without Needle Gondolier's House Night --

Mateo: Here is one more challenging task for you! You must scan the carnival crowd for several characters who posesses the items with mysterious power. Please, help them and they will pay you with the same coin. As far as I know, you should find the Pirate, the Harlequin and the Queen of Spades.

Mateo: These characters are so interesting and funny! They also want to enjoy a ride along the canals in my gondola now. I don't even know how to say no to them. It wouldn't be nice on my part after all the mutual help that we rendered each other. Can you think of anything?

Twenty Three CentimetersEdit

Mateo: Oh, I see that you've assembled the first Artefact! Good. We need to hurry up. Please get into the gondola and insert the Artefact into a designated place. The water in the canals has risen by twenty three centimeters. The square will be flooded if the water rises one more meter.

  • Apply the Explorer's Telescope on the Portal on the Island between the canals.

Mateo: Oh my, look! Instead of stopping the flood we have caused water funnels almost in every canal of the city! Luckily, the carnival is still going on and people think that these funnels are part of the show.

Carnival QueenEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Boat Owner Neon Flash Stained-Glass Workshop -- --
Father's Heir Golden String Stained-Glass Workshop Reverse --
Flood Malachite Grapes Stained-Glass Workshop Night --
Abduction of Estelle Meteorite Fragment Stained-Glass Workshop -- --
Plan of Abduction Baggie with Birdshot Stained-Glass Workshop Night

Astronomer Andrew: Who is the girl in mask? She has such an interesting costume. What's more interesting, her voice sounds familiar. I have heard this voice before. If I remember where I've heard it, I will tell you. Meanwhile, let's finde the Pirate, the Harlequin and the Queen of Spades!

Astronomer Andrew: All right! The second Artifact is in our hands! Where is Mateo? Why has he disappeared in such an important moment again? How is he going to win a boat race? He will simply sleep it in.

Events RepeatEdit

Mateo: Do you need to go to the Portal again? I am surprised how fast you find Artefacts. We'll be able to stop the Flood just in time. I am glad that we have the situation under the control and the disaster which happened in the city last week won't happen again. Back then I thought the whole city was going to sink. The Professor would have to find a diving suit to fix the Portal.

  • Apply the Cracked-Stained Glass on the Portal on the Island between the canals.

Mateo: Have you found Estelle? A very beautiful lady wearing a mask and a carnival costume greeted me a minute ago. She said that her name was Estelle. Do you think we have found the right person?

Preparation for Boat RaceEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Gondola Trips Openwork Pattern Burano Island -- --
Licence and Instructions Emerald Needle Burano Island Puzzle --
Historic Boat Race Glass Boot Burano Island Reverse --
Propeller and Battery Clay Shell Burano Island -- --
Meteor with Oar Spring Mechanism Burano Island Night --

Mateo: However, there is one "but". Look, the water continues to rise. The Boat Race will simply not take place if we don't stop the Flood. Do you have any progress collecting the Artefacts? Everything is in your hands now. Only you can bring the Portal back under contraol.

Mateo: The Carnical is almost over. This means that the Boat Race starts very soon. The contestants are already cleaning their boats, and we haven't done much. When are you going to steal Estelle?

Underwater VolcanoEdit

Mateo: Please, get into the gondola! We are going to the Portal. I will take you there very fast. The quiet propeller that Andrew designed has made a superfast boat out of my gondola. Hopefully, we'll be able to stop the Flood.

  • Apply the Lace Umbrella on the Portal on the Island between the canals.

Mateo: Oh, no! The water has started boiling! The canals look like storming volcanoes. All this is far from over. What should we do? Let's hurry up to assemble the new Artifacts! We don't have any other options.

In Knee Deep WaterEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Italian Aquaintance Lace Fan Cheese Yard -- --
Water and Funnels Silk Butterfly Cheese Yard Shadows --
Risk and Defeat Diamond Star Cheese Yard Puzzle --
Magical Piece of Art Amber Bracelet Cheese Yard Night --
Street Dancing Opal Pendant Cheese Yard Night --

Mateo: It's all over. Look, the water in the canals is boiling and glowing from beyond. Its level is one meter and a half higher than normal. There are numerous flashes under water. It seems that we won't be able to fulfill any of our plans, let alone the Boat Race.

Mateo: Big waves, deep water, flashes and gloves are scaring people away. Does it mean that the two weeks Carnival is going to end soon? Will the Boat Race be cancelled? Why does it take you so long to find the Artefacts?

Increasing ActivityEdit

Astronomer Andrew: Mateo, please, don't worry! We'll do just fine. Experiments with the Portal always cause changes in the matter that surrounds it. Rising water level, flashes and high water temperatures are only few consequences of the Portal activity in its intermediate phase.

  • Apply the Mother-of-Pearl Bead Necklace on the Portal on the island between the canals.

Astronomer Andrew: Fortunately, there are no meteorite showers, no volcano eruptions and no flying dinosaurs around. Yet, everything s possible. We are keeping everything under control. We just need to assemble one more Artefact and one more Relic.


Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Violin Mystery Chiming Clock Music Palace -- --
Star Melody Bell Fragment Music Palace Jumbled --
Carnival History Diamond Scissors Music Palace Puzzle --
Tool for Portal Gnome's Hat Music Palace -- --
Explosion near Pier Casanova's Mask Music Palace Night --

Chiara: Something unexpected has happened! Do you see a tall person in a red costume and a mask? This is Dr. Turnbull. He is walking towards you. I don't know how he has found out that you are here. Most probably he started looking for you after he had seen the Portal activity and the storms in the canals.

Chiara: Please, get into the gondola! I see that there are few Artefacts left that you need to assemble to unlock the Portal. It's time to use our emergency plan. We'll take Estelle and walk with in the Portal. How has Dr. Turnbull ended up there?

Mask MysteryEdit

Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Ghosts in Masks Antique Coin Venetian Café -- --
Material Mystery Gladiator's Sword Venetian Café Shadows --
Irish Robbery Olive Branch Venetian Café Jumbled --
Eastern Scents Baggie with Spices Venetian Café -- --
Funny Adventures Rainbow Palette Venetian Café Night --

Chiara: Don't you have a feeling that we met a long time ago? We actually do know each other. I'll take my mask off as soon as we assemble the Relic, take Estelle, and walk through the Portal. Meanwhile the Carnival continues and we have one last business to finish.

Chiara: Here we are standing near the Music Palace. Andrew, please jump on the balcony and start looking for the violin. Take it when you see it , and then we'll travel to the Portal on the island. We must apply the last Artefact to it.

New Stage in Adventures Edit

Chiara: We are going to stay on the island and wait for you while Mateo will take you to get the last Relic components. Thanks to Andrew, Mateo's gondola is very well equipped. That's why Estelle and we are safe here. No one will be able to reach us during such a storm..

  • Apply the Carnival Mask on the Portal on the island between the canals.

Chiara: What a storm! The wind is blowing strongly. We are knee deep in water on the island near the Portal. Strange flashes are crossing the sky. Please, hurry up! Once you have the Relic assembled, we'll escape Dr. Turnbull in the space continuum.

Heading to PortalEdit

Mateo: I am glad that I have helped your family again! I wish I could travel with you further. Perhaps I will be able to join you later. Andrew, I am very thankful to you for the boat. It will make me the most famous gondolier in the city.

Mateo: The Relic is in your hands. I am going to leave you on the island and will go away to a safe place. My boat may not handle what is going to happen very shortly. Good bye. The Portal is open, which means that you will return here in the future.

Good-bye TearsEdit

Chiara: Please, stop crying! Our current goal is Estelle. The Portal is almost open. Let's get away from here. You can return here any time later. I am so sick of Dr. Turnbull! Where is the Professor? Why has he left us alone in such a difficult moment?

  • Apply the Powers of Earth to the Portal on the Island between the canals.

Chiara: Everything is working out well. We must go inside now. The city is going to have a light tropical shower with fireballs. It is not a very safe phenomenon to watch, but it will calm down soon. As for Mateo, he turned out to be a very kind and friendly guys. I like him.

From Japanese Mysteries to Secrets of China Edit


Quest Item Location Mode Ghost
Yakuza Sign Yakuza Stencil Sushi Bar --- ---
Distraction Yakuza Dagger Sushi Bar Jumbled Words ---
New Acquaintance Cherry Blossom Fish Public Market --- ---
Kyoko's Plan Silk Ribbon Sushi Bar Night ---
Head and Adviser Juniper Tree Fish Public Market --- ---

Butler Alfred: We use Yakuza's rite to challenge their head Shiro. He will not be able to refuse the fight once he received the Death Wreath. We need Golden Powder and Silver Sand to finish our Wreath.

  • Get 3 Golden Powder from Toshi.
  • Get 3 Silver Sand from the Droid.
  • Assemble the Death Wreath.

Butler Alfred: The Death Wreath has more than just a symbolic meaning; it is a real magical artifact. As we created it to free Professor Bellows, it began to influence portals. Such an interesting effect!

Unexpected InfluenceEdit

Butler Alfred: Kyoko and I are trying to figure out how the Death Wreath influences portals. I suppose our mental aspiration gave us this sacral thing special power allowing it to partly open portals. I beg you to conduct a little experiment...

  • Apply the Death Wreath to the Portal to partially open it.

Butler Alfred: Amazing how ancient magic effects the modern device! I have to study this influence! But Professor Bellows comes first...

China and Atlantis are not yet available.